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There’s a saying that says you must first learn the rules of style before you can break them. It’s kind of true–it’s helpful to know the rules of style so you can make informed decisions if and when you decide to go against the grain. However, in general, I like to view most of these “canonized” rules of style as guidelines, not gospel.

However, there are six principles that, in my opinion, are nonnegotiable when you are thinking about how to dress better. Whether you’re just starting out on your menswear journey, you’ve got a good foundation, or you consider yourself a bespoke menswear sartorial expert, these six keys/tenets/pillars should always be underpin every single decision you make. If you internalize them, they will help you unlock the secrets of men’s style. Let’s discuss…

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  1. Hey man. How you doin. I just found your video and binged watching it all day long lol. Even im 26 your style really what im looking for. Hope you will never stop doing the videos on youtube. Cheers

  2. I completely agree with your point about finding and developing a relationship with a good tailor. This is something many Youtube and Instagram influencers mention repeatedly. However, while they talk about the importance of tailoring and what can and can't be altered in men's garments, rarely does anyone go into the details of HOW to find a good tailor and HOW to build that relationship. I ask around often, but most of the men I know don't get their clothes tailored, and the women recommend professionals who specialize mainly in women's garments. Do you have a good video on the subject, or know of one you could recommend?

  3. Absolutely agreed ! If you buy a higher(st) quality and go for style (timeless, classic, etc) compared to a 'fashion' trend items. You can be sure, that it will last so long, that your money have been payed, back many times, compared with frequent buy's' of 'fashion' items. So in the long run, it can be cheaper.
    It's so much more pleasant to be well dressed 👌🏼
    Thanks for your great videos 👍🏼

  4. Key 7: Avoid fast fashion brands like Zara, Top Men, Uniqlo etc. With these brands you never get quality materials and workmanship, simply because this is NOT what they are about!

  5. I wish I had taken this to heart 4 or 5 years ago. After lots of practice, I've become pretty good at color, and pops of color, within my outfits. However, now that I've been doing this for a while, I wish I could start over. I'd definitely lean into keeping it simple, had I a second "at bat". It's elegant, less expensive, more versatile, and fosters fewer conversations/comments.

  6. Regards tip 4. I would say if you're growing up or building up muscle/ losing weight, you probarbly just go for some budget buy first. God knows how your physique changes during the time. Finding a tailor afterwards would cost more. So best suggest someone in a stable physique to pay for a quality/ expensive clothing.

  7. Great videos! Is there a jumpstart video that can get guys (me) on the path immediately? I’m talking shoes, shirts, pants, jackets.

    Also I’m in Florida where it’s always humid and hot. What fabric is ideal (acceptable) for suits? Sweating just thinking of worsted wool.

    Thanks for your videos and more specifically your approach and demeanor, very approachable.

  8. When buying a suit, would you be able to use both the dress pants and the suit blazer seperatly? Or is it a general rule that those 2 pieces should only be weared together due to "usage signs"?

  9. HELLO!!! Ok Gentlemen?. One style that I can’t stand is a men wearing a suit with sneakers 👟? You look ridiculous for real you look like toddler . Don’t be mad be glad I’m telling you this. It’s not cool. just cause a sports player does it. Doesn’t mean that you should do it.. STOP the MADNESS. Thanks fellas . Namaste

  10. My family owns and operates a very successful Men's Formal Wear store. Two actually. The youtube world only has 9 year old videos up. I'd love to see you create one as I am always learning. Slim fit is the king right now. I've done this job since '87. Thank you!!!


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