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Why didn’t you return home? When are you going to bring the food? Shae your phone’s contact log? Why is your office still not over? Do you even still love me? If your girlfriend/wife has had these questions, those are symptoms of a nagging woman. You come home from work to finally have peace, but what you really get is war.

A nasty woman is never satisfied with her husband and undermines him at every opportunity she gets. She bumps all day and sprinkles the energy of the man so much that he loses his ability to make decisions and to surrender. A tedious woman’s stress is a constant irritant with which a man has to cope. “A happy woman is a happy life,” they say. You only have to put on the earphones when you get back home. That’s the best way to shut a nagging wife/girlfriend up.

8 Signs that She is the Nagging Type

How do you know that you have a nagging wife, and not someone who has occasional mood swings or anger issues? We will tell you about a nagging wife’s characteristics so that you can better deal with your problem.

  1. Usually, your girlfriend/wife keeps repeating whatever she has to tell you.
  2. Now you’re stressed by your nagging wife because she always makes you feel like you’re not doing enough.
  3. She’s a control freak and she wants to micro-manage everything, but at the same time she blames you by saying, “You’re not doing your bit.”
  4. The word “request” does not appear in her dictionary. She’s only demanding and commanding

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6 Ways to deal with a Nagging Girlfriend/Wife

Why is my wife nagging me this much? Why can’t she just understand me? These are some of the questions that all troubled husbands ask themselves. Most of the time, when your wife is going off the handle, you don’t know why.

She’s going to snap all of a sudden about 7-month-old events, and you’re going to be left clueless about what just happened. Wives get frustrated and nag when they’re upset or when things don’t go as expected. Often this nagging is like a regular routine that makes you want to shout out your lungs. Omondi, (name changed) says that as soon as he stepped into the house after work, his wife would begin to nag. “It would start with, ‘have you kept the socks in the right place?

1. Don’t respond back

When we tell you not to respond back, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to sit silent and keep your wife nagging you. When your wife is going to nag you, you need to realise that she’s in a hostile state of mind. Arguing and responding back is only going to make things worse.

Imagine a scenario where your wife says, “You always forget the things I’m asking you to do. It’s a mistake to rely on you.” Instead of saying stuff like, “Yes, do it yourself. I can’t recall it all.”


2. Remember, the boss’s always right,

Yeah, your wife is a boss of yours. The sooner you embrace this reality, the easier it will be for you. A nagging wife is always going to see herself as the right one. No matter whose fault it is, you’re almost every time you say you’re sorry. If you start debating, it’s going to go on and on. If your wife is competing for you, an intelligent husband will want to play safe and convince her that she’s right.

3. Dealing with a nagging wife-Talk it out

Most marriages turn into unhappy ones due to the lack of contact between them. If your wife has been nagging you all the time, try to understand why.

You need to talk about it and understand the issue. Things are not only going to repair themselves magically. A 15-minute conversation could solve a 3-month-old problem.

4. Identify your mistake and apologize for it

Let’s face it, maybe you’re not the husband of the year. If your wife is nagging you, that means you did something to piss her off. The wives don’t always rant and swim for no cause at all.

Like other wives, you don’t know what you did to piss her off. But the fact is, you may really be at fault. Go through your past activities and try to understand where you may have gone wrong.

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5. Listen to what she’s got to say

Husbands are infamous for not paying attention to what their wives think. When their wives swim toward them, their husbands concentrate on the part that their wife is nagging them, but they refuse to listen to what their wife is thinking when they are nagging.

The next time your wife starts to nag you, listen to what she says when she’s nagging. If it’s a habit of yours that she doesn’t like, or a mistake that you might have made, focus on fixing that stuff rather than letting the nagging get worse.

6. Speak about your point of view

It’s crucial for your wife to understand your viewpoint as well. When your wife cripples you, take a stand for yourself and tell her how you feel.

Tell her how much your nagging affects your peace of mind and even hinders your other engagements. If you believe she’s in charge, tell her that.

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