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There are lots of men’s style rules out there. I know, stating the obvious. And while I will admit that it is good to learn the rules of style, you should never get to the point where you are completely paralyzed by them. The good news is that a lot of these so-called “men’s style rules” are actually quite outdated and don’t need to be followed anymore. And in this video, I’m going over seven of them AND revealing the one men’s style rule that you should ALWAYS follow. Enjoy!

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  1. Most of this seems reasonable even if some is a stretch. For example DB suits far from being for thin men were traditionally seen as the way of covering up the prom tum! Brown in town however is a pretty good rule. Where anyone gets the idea that pale brown leather shoes look good with a blue suit is a mystery. They look positively clownish. The one exception is very dark brown shoes a fashion that used to be quite popular in Boston. But in that case why not just go totus porcus and choose black shoes. If you want to push the envelope choose a half brogue.

    Finally when it revolt against tight bum freezer jackets and tube pants going to begin. Tight pants look great on women not on men. And when the tight pants combine with elephant ankles. Bring back drape.

  2. i have such a crazy mind. i even don't match colors an go with half a rainbow sometimes. i did this on accident once an a beautiful lady complimented me once so I stopped caring the few days I accidentally dont match colors

  3. All these rules have good reasons. You can break them, but you should be absolutely sure you know how to break them and what you’re doing. Breaking these rules in the right subtle way may make you elegant, breaking them too much will make you look like moron. Two tone watches are just ugly, no matter the price.

    Btw the shoe-belt matching rule doesn’t mean they’re supposed to match exactly – they shouldn’t. It’s again about not mixing brown with black etc.

  4. "Place 2 dinosaur bone fragments and a triangle rock outside your cave, before
    venturing to hunt down a giant saber-tooth cockroach"…that's a rule you can break.

  5. I wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Along with leaving the bottom button on a suit jacket unbuttoned. I button it up. Why do I need to leave it unbuttoned? I also wear white year round. What’s the big deal? Honestly there are a lot of BS rules of fashion. Rules are meant to be broken.


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