8 Things Every Man Should Own In 2021

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Here are the 8 things that everyman should own to win in 2021. Before we get to it;

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the rain with a wonky, barrel-shaped umbrella that would be best suited to the suicidal Mary Poppins? How about taking home a date recognizing that after The Unspeakable Accident of 2014, you haven’t washed your only pair of bed sheets?

If you secretly nodded yes to any of the above, this list is certainly for you. It’s for a guy who’s still working to make himself better. It’s not a case of being materialistic. It’s about realizing that the things you associate yourself with are an indication of your beliefs, trust, and self-respect.
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1. A Nice Book Collection

Don’t make a mistake.
The set of books would not kick off this list by mistake. Reading is the best exercise of your brain. It increases intelligence, boosts memory capacity, makes you more empathetic, and lets you relax.
These are essential roles for any part of a man’s life. As a good reader, your conversations will be more engaging, your relationships more rewarding, your training efficiency shall improve, and make smarter financial choices.

2. Get a Signature & Unique Cologne

Best male colognes

The signature smell distinguishes the men from the boys.
Why would you neglect any meaning when it comes to attractive style? Easy. Simple. You wouldn’t do it.
But how are you going to discover your own special cologne fragrance of supreme virility? You only have two choices. Either go to the pharmacy and spray a lot of colognes before you’re dizzy or take your time and find the one you like the most. My favorite cologne is 212 VIP for Men. You may try it out.

3. Get a nice Fitting Pair of Jeans

A quality pair of jeans is the most flexible and versatile thing any Kenyan man Must have.
Be classy with a tucked-up top, a nice watch, and cool shoes. Rock them with a basic white t-shirt and shoes for a more relaxed weekend get-up. Or pair white socks with your two-size blue jeans for the classic “retired American tourist on holidays in Europe” theme.

I’m kidding you. Don’t ever do that.

4. A minimal Leather Wallet

Image result for leather wallet

There is a number of ways you may want to joke about how bulky your wallet is because of George Costanza’s disappointment or the usual business card backlog.
When the laughter comes to an end (which it will), it’s time to go out and indulge in a small, high-quality leather wallet. Another solid alternative is anything like the Bellroy:
Check out nice wallets from Jumia:

5. A Nice Pair of boots

Boots distinguish the boys from the adults.

I’m sure you’ve heard that a woman sees shoes in a guy first and that’s absolutely true.
Yes, there are sneakers, however, a decent pair of boots will give you an air of maturity and send a Naaaah attitude to a Hell Yeah!.

6. Get a Nice Matching Belt

Image result for nice belt men

When it comes to belts, there are two golden rules for every man in 2021.

Comply with your belt color and do not skimp on the quality of your shoes. This is as helpful as your dad spoke about “birds and bees,” trust me.

I like this custom reversible Upella belt. It is 100% leather and can be adjusted to fit your size perfectly. It is well packed and has a buckle resistant to scratches.

7. Have a Custom Tailored Suit

Image result for fitting tailored suit

We have all found the guy wearing the suit that looks so big that it’s going to swallow him entirely. You’re familiar with the look. The smooth shoulders and not one inch of a cuff insight.
You can almost hear the announcement of the local missing person as you see him go deeper into the abyss of the overly large fabric. I’m glad you made it alive first if you’re one of these guys. Secondly, this is something you can add and prioritize with the affordability of modern tailoring.

A custom suit is your wardrobe’s distinctive feature. Yes, that is a little investment, but only once.

8. Have a nice Watch

The watch isn’t just a subtle indication that you’re done with your increasingly distant cousin with this oh-too-forced forced coffee. It’s one of the things every man needs in 2021.

The quintessential addition to any outfit is a quality watch. Match your belt and shoes to the color of your watch band. The Fossil Neutra Chronograph Brown Leather Watch is one of my 2021 picks and should not be forgotten if you dig the style of the field watch.

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