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Untold Story of Mr Fredrick Ochieng Misiga from Ahero

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It is mostly assumed that all men crave sex for sex’s sake and that men seek out sex in a purely physical, largely unemotional way.

That being said, they would be then upset if they were experiencing sexual difficulties.  However, this assumption misses the existential importance of a functioning penis to many men. Unfortunately, this is not the story of one Mr. Fredrick Ochieng from Ahero who has no Penis.

Tips To Help You Initiate Sex As A Lady.

“Mentally, I eventually came to grips with the fact that it was just a war wound on this path that we call life, but at first, I was really sad and moody.

“I didn’t want to be near anyone and when I was I would break down in tears because of everything.”

Mr. Fredrick Ochieng still finds it hard to locate a girlfriend that can appreciate what he’s been through.

His mother tells the editorial team how she struggles to advise her son on getting married.
Even if I told him to get a woman and the main reason for looking for one is no more. His intestines are almost falling out.

Watch this sad story of Fredrick Ochieng below:

(Courtesy of Tuko)

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