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A Silent Man Is A Powerful Man

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Contrary to popular beliefs that depict men as rough and unruly, we are very peaceful creatures. Yes, we love making stories and going on adventures. We compete in petty sports and rank each other according to stupid merits. A silent man is a powerful man. Girls drive us crazy and make us fight over petty issues. But that’s how we are, men. We have our defining character, but that’s how it is for every other creature in the animal kingdom.

What is our defining character then? Silence

The 21st century is probably one of the noisiest centuries the world has ever experienced. This is mostly because of the industrial growth and technological advancement humanity is witnessing. However, the greater good for humanity seems to be tampering with humanity itself, the most affected group being men.

Why men?

As I mentioned earlier, we are peaceful creatures. This means we can labor together despite our differences. Let’s also not forget how much strength and stamina we have. With a keen eye, you’ll notice two of these are the basic requirements for any man to qualify in any stage of his life. Peace and Strength. Keep an eye out for these two.

The Silent Man

Before I go any further, let me give you a little insight into silence and the power of silence. When I was a little boy, I read in one of my Father’s books that ‘Silence Strengthens Authority.’

As a child, it was difficult to comprehend the meaning of that statement. However, as an adult, I gathered enough wisdom to discern what the author actually meant. And it was one of the most powerful discoveries I’ve ever made.
There are three words in that saying: Silence, strength, and authority.

If you went to school, you obviously know that silent and listen are spelled with the same words. It is impossible to talk and listen at the same time. If you’re talking and someone else is talking, it’s called noise. Kenyan men, talking to others is important, but it is more important to talk to yourself. The same applies to listening, get used to listening to yourself.

There is a certain strength that comes from the power of silence. Let me use our bosses at work as an example. Who would you rather work for? A guy that constantly yells or one that gives a specific order then lets you work on it?

Silence prevents people from analyzing their steps and decisions. It gives you the elements of unpredictability and honor. People can even trust you with their secrets. And bro’s, when it comes to relationships, you can’t keep a girl if you’re a guy who’s constantly opening his mouth. Noise is chaotic. It breeds misunderstandings and rejection. Silence is peaceful. No matter what you do or who you are, you’ll always find yourself following the words of a cool spirited person.

Respect is given according to power and power depends on hierarchy. We respect the elderly because they are ahead of us in years, and therefore have the authority to ask for something from us. Your dog respects you because you’re its owner. We respect our bosses and our bosses respect those above them. It is the order of things.

As soon as you master silence, you master other personal virtues like self-control and patience. These are very beneficial in surviving the ups and downs of society. Trust me, it’s not easy to let other people talk while you sit there and say nothing. It’s even harder to shut your mouth when people are falsely saying or accusing you of something. However, if you can maintain your peace, they won’t have any idea what you think of them and what your take on the situation is. In the end, they will begin fearing or respecting you, and that’s the power you have over them. That is authority.

Brothers, we must transcend the levels of manhood and bring out the best we can from our gender. A lot of issues could be escaped if some of us learned to keep our mouths shut. Friendships could be saved, contracts could be signed and goals could be accomplished. Don’t be the guy people run to when they have a story to gossip about. Don’t be the guy that never listens when his woman or child is talking. Unless you learn to listen, anything you say will be taken lightly by the world.

Begin by spending time alone. This is the only way you can listen to your thoughts. Don’t exhaust all your time by being around your job and loved ones. Bros, inner peace is very important. I insist. Work on bettering yourself, and whenever you get a chance, meditate upon what you’ve gathered. A silent man is a meditating man. It is this type of man that can lead to society when no one else can. Think about the power of silence. Are you this type of man? If not, it’s time you became one and understand the power of silence.

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