Details about the Heavy Rains Witnessed On 31st December 2020

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Today, the last day of the year, most people across the country have experienced short rains, which was unexpected. Over the years we have witnessed hot sunshine and a lack of rain at the end of December and beginning of January. But to be astounded, people today have woken up to realize that it’s raining. Thank God for such a blessing to mankind.  

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This heavy rain has a meaning that many people don’t know about. Go through this article, and you’ll understand why it’s raining today.

  1. A Sign 2021 Will Be Better 

The year 2021 has been a difficult year for many people all over the world. This is because of the Coronavirus outbreak. This virus has brought everything to stand still. International flights have been burned, most people have lost their jobs, many people have died, and a lot of bad things have happened. The year 2020 has taught people a lot of lessons, and it will always remain in history. The main lesson is that you can do everything in life, but God remains our final decision-maker. 

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Some people believe that the heavy rains witnessed were a sign that all the sorrows and hardship that we have gone through in 2021 has been washed away and a new chapter is now on our hands. That is why God has brought to us rain before New Year so that the disease can be washed away and allow humans to begin to leave in harmony.

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2. A Blessing 

The heavy rain is a sign of blessing for the New Year, 2021. God is trying to show that the New Year will be a blessing to the human race. As we are all aware, without water we cannot survive. We drink it, we use it to cook and even irrigate our crops. When God created the world, he surrounded it with water hence it very vital for our existence. Moreover, the fetus is surrounded also by water as it grows in the womb of a mother. Plants depend on water to produce energy for photosynthesis. Therefore raining is definitely a sign of blessing ahead.

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