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  1. IEBC will put this country into unnecessary troubles. For how long have these politicians been going round in political Rallies? by elections have been with us left right and Centre. Has IEBC been a sleep just to wake up now ? if you let it go from day 1 just let it been so we have the peace.

  2. Ati hamuna UDA candidate dah Kenya jamani wzi wazi ati hakuna UDA dah dah wacha tuuu Wote wanaimba kua Sisi tushajipanga mm ndio candidate wa UDA nyinyi wenzetu hamujajipanga bado ni nn hizi hata zatutia wacwac sahiii wallah nahuyu jamaaa

  3. These UDA goons and Crooks are just cursed with lies. And they make it a birth right. Ruto says that he has been sensitizing kenyans about the government policies! Is UDA the ruling Party? Which government policies in UDA? Useless liars

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