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Faith, Goals and the Kenyan Man

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The most important virtue any Kenyan Man could possess is faith. Why faith? Well, to begin with, it is one of the most powerful bonds among humans. When someone says they trust you, it means they have faith in you and your actions. When we say we have faith in someone or something, it means we trust them. Since faith and trust work together, we can easily say that to have faith is to put your trust in an individual, item, or deity.

As men, we face various challenges that test our egos and beliefs. Even in the simplest things like asking a beautiful girl out on a date, or watching a football match where your team is losing the game, our consciousness is always being tested. Luckily, most Kenyan men have been taught to hide their fear or pain behind a joke and a smile. It is hard to find a Kenyan Man displaying his insecurities and readiness to give up. This is one of the reasons I’m proud to be a Kenyan man. We have pride.

However, it does not mean that when we smile even in our downfall, our problems will magically solve themselves. We should realize that if we have the ability to endure suffering and sadness, we also have the ability to achieve our dreams. How? You know the answer.

Faith. We should have faith in ourselves. Here in Kenya where we value pride, giving up should never be an option. I’m talking to you brothers. In the streets, people use the terms, ‘kujiaminia’ and ‘kujichocha’. It is important to believe in yourself and psyche yourself up. You are your own man. Do you expect other men to push you towards your dream?

Whenever people put trust in someone or something, they have a strong belief that they won’t be let down. Don’t burden other people by having faith in them. They will never fully meet your expectations. Have faith in yourself instead. That burden is your bro, you have to carry it. If you can’t believe in yourself, don’t make the mistake of thinking other people will believe in you. Even the girl you like will run away from you as soon as she notices you’ve got trust issues with yourself.

The problem with doubt is it leads to very poor decision making. You don’t always have to be sure about everything in the world, but at least be sure of yourself. That is what matters. Everyone makes wrong decisions. These decisions sometimes lead to the storms we face in our lives. No one ever knows when the rough patch in their life will end. But those that believe in themselves also tend to believe that the bad situations will end. More often than not, those that make it out of the storms in their lives are those that decided to act on their situation instead of giving up.

Nothing is easy. In the current world, you have to persist in order to survive. Otherwise, you might get wiped out. Faith in ourselves is the foundation for most of the other qualities we need in order to make it in our lives. Love needs faith. Success needs faith. Failure needs doubt. Hate and jealousy are fueled by doubt. That’s the nature of the world. If you want to manifest your dreams, embrace the necessary tools to guide you through your journey.

There are many men in Kenya and all over the world that have already made major achievements. They will tell you the same thing, believe in yourself. Start today. Don’t be the man you are, be the man you’re supposed to be. The universe is rooting for you. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Go get your dreams bro.

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