Favorite Workout Splits

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In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “What are your guy’s favorite workout splits?”

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  1. I’m confused on the “10-20 sets a week” thing. Everyone says that but what does it mean? If on Monday I decide to hit flat bench for 4 sets, incline for 3, dips for 3, and flys for 3. Does that mean I’ve lifted 13 sets for chest and that only 7 more should be done for the entire week?

  2. I’ve been doing 4 times a week.
    Monday legs/core
    Tues chest/back/triceps
    Wed REST
    Thu legs/core
    Fri shoulders/arms
    Sat and Sun REST

    Should I keep this routine?
    I was going mon-fri but by fridays I was always beat.

  3. For the pull days I feel like there is not enough lifts to do for only back/biceps, without burning burning out, resulting in not getting enough bang for your buck.

  4. When you say “body part”, do you really mean muscle? An arm is a body part, so working biceps once a week and triceps once a week, does that mean the “body part” is being trained twice a week? Or do you mean that every muscle should be trained twice a week?

  5. I don’t go by 7 days.
    I do 3 on 1 off(active recovery)
    Heavy Lower(max effort)
    Dynamic upper
    Conditioning/Hypertrophy(repetition method)
    Off active recovery

    Heavy Upper(max effort)
    Dynamic lower
    Conditioning/Hypertrophy reps between 8-15
    Off active recovery

  6. I do a push-pull-legs split on an 8 day training week. I take 2 rest/cardio days as needed during that time, but I leave room for flexibility. If I am supposed to train legs and still need another day to recover or have social engagements I just train legs the next day. When in a split I think it's best to slide your training instead of skipping days.

    I also really love the gym though. On days where I don't get to train I really miss it.

  7. I also think splits don't have to be squeezed into 7 days I do push pull legs split but cant get to the gym Friday and Saturdays so my split is really over 8 days with 2 day rest in between

  8. I personally had my best results doing a high intensity 4-Day Split, I feel that full body works to a point. If you're training really hard, 2 days of rest is just not enough. But I do agree that splitting the volume on 2 sessions for each body part is better for growth. Calves and abs could even be trained 3-4 times a week.

  9. IMHO most people that train 5-6 days a week don’t push themselves hard enough. They “hang out” in the gym more then they train seriously. This is what I see a lot of.

    If you train hard. If you push yourself and track your workout volume, weight & reps and are progressively overloading you WILL need more recovery time then these 5-6 day routines allow in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I’m old now at 44 but I train hard. Currently doing 4 day a week basically upper body then lower, rest day then upper/lower, 2 rest days and my progress has increased dramatically compared to my 6 day split where I wasn’t getting enough recovery time. My 2 cents.
    (This is on top of a labor job too though, just an fyi)

  10. Why do so many trainers and trainees base the splits in a weekly basis? Your splits don’t have to be based on “weekly” hits. Just keep it going as long as you hit each body part hard and give it ample rest days. Keep cycling the body part schedule into that next week.

  11. You can’t prioritize lagging body parts doing full body. By the time you get to arms for example, they aren’t at their full potential.


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