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Here are the 7 rules of manhood according to the Kenyan man

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Here are the ten rules of manhood that everyman should follow:

1. Don’t pay for sex.

You don’t need it that bad, you’re not an animal, you should spend the night trying to pick up new lines and have a nice time with friends.

2. Never pursue a woman

Never focus your life on a single person who isn’t a sure thing, instead, you should be pursuing your dreams and aspirations while trying to make a success of yourself.

3. Know when it’s time to fight once again

There comes a point in life where you can no longer expect someone to solve a problem for you. If you can’t stand up for yourself why would you expect anyone to? A man is supposed to know when it’s time to strike back. There’s never been a reason to fight—until there is.

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4. Your mom is the first woman in your life.

Yet your wife is still someone to be loved and valued. A straight line should be drawn between the kind of partnership you have with both of them. In case of a tussle, take a neutral, equal, and impartial stance.

5. Don’t brag about the things you did

Instead, let the things you did speak for themselves. Actions will always talk louder than words, so keep that in mind.

6. It’s important to chat about stuff

This is more about the feelings you’re having with your loved ones as they’re going to be there for you. Being a man doesn’t mean you’re going to have to hide your feelings and be a rock.

7. Stay clean (Bonus Point)

If you have a long beard, take care of it and keep it neat, brush your teeth, and shower.


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Things that matter are not simply what is common at the moment. Being a real guy, a gentleman is taking action on the rules of manhood because it’s the best thing to do, and they’re doing the right thing, whether it feels cool or enjoyable.

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