How To Cure Dry Scalp, Dandruff And Psoriasis With Dr.Mike

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Hi Beautiful! Today Dr. Mike and I sit down to talk about all kinds of scalp conditions including dry scalp, dandruff and Psoriasis, also ways to treat these conditions!

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  1. Hey at least I know that selsun blue isn't good for the eyes!
    Having your step sister accidentally get a glob in them and wondering why your sobbing trying to rinse your eyes out is a fun experiment!

  2. My husband have the fungi on his head that's not cool –' and his work doesn't help at all! He had to shampoo everyday to make kerosene out of him –' in two year only the kelual Ds by ducray help him a bit…. Nothing else work –'

  3. I've been doing a weekly oil treatment on my hair bc the bottom half of my hair (about 6 inches) is fried due to a medication I was on a year ago. Put oil on wrap my head in plastic put a beanie on and take my dog for a walk… then take a shower.
    Now I have dry scalp and I'm pretty sure it's because I wasn't careful about keeping the oil on just the ends.
    So…. sigh where is the aloe and tea tree oil??

  4. .. i had sebo..derma ..for like 10 years.. and selsun ( one with the green cap ) worked like a charm .. but sometimes dandruff do come back if i used some bad shapmoo( oil based shampoo) ( or even oiling i dont oil my hair anymore. But. rarely mask to make them manageable) ( but then again i use selsun pure and it goes away ) but still mostly dandruff free from last 5 months ..and yeah but it does made my hair frizzy and a bit dry … but thats okay atleast i am dandruff free.. ( i use conditioner only on hair.. no scalp touching .. tso its fine )
    Now i use it only once a month
    Or only when dandruff comes back .( Finger crossed..they only come back like.. 10% on specific area of scalp)

  5. Mom tip: you can use Head and Shoulders or my favorite Nizoral on your face to help combat acne, especially maskne! The same fungus Dr. Mike mentions can be responsible for a type of acne called fungal acne and the actives in dandruff shampoos are used to keep it at bay. It can be drying so you should start slow and use a good moisturizer and of course sunscreen 😁


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