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News flash: as you get older, you do not automatically become more stylish. Like anything, dressing well takes some effort. And if you’re in you’re 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s and you haven’t started putting that effort in, it’s about time you do! In today’s video I’m addressing the following topics:

How to dress well in your 40s (50s and 60s)
Style mistakes older guys make
How to dress appropriately for your age
Style tips for men over 40

Some of you know that I’m over 40 myself. And although age isn’t something I’ve addressed specifically on the channel before, it’s something I definitely think is worth talking about to help those of you out there who are looking for advice.

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There are 29 comments

  1. This is such a good video, I know it's aimed at men, but I've got plenty from this. I'm your age and the problem with being a 1990s teen is that the fashion was incredibly sloppy. Sadly too many people from 'generation X' look like slobs.

  2. Nice,,,, but way to conservative, barely any color & borderline corny. Everyone should have their own unique style and do their best to cultivate it as they get older. But I do agree with the dressing like a teenager stuff.

  3. This stuff grates me no end. A huge number of guys spend their working lives at least in a dress trousers, shirt tie or a suit. Those that don't, instead are required to wear some sort of company uniform The last thing they are interested in is be told they should dress 'gracefully' (aka pretty much the same as they have been going out in since they were 18) when not working just because it's somehow expected.

    Go work 12 hours a day on a building site for bit, then on your time off, see just how much you care about putting on some chinos, loafers & a ralph lauren shirt just because 'you are supposed to'. Hate to break it to you, but this isn't a traditional world any longer. Men aren't the same as their grandfathers & women sure as heck ain't the same as their grandmothers.

    Think how silly this is. Why is it acceptable for a 30 year old dress like a 20 year old but a 40yr old can't somehow dress like a 30yr old.

    If 40yr olds need to dress in trousers, shirts, polo shirts, blazers, loafers. What about 50yr olds, they obviously can't dress like they did in their 40's…so the only way they can top that, means upgrading their wardrobes to a suit. Given 60yr olds can't dress like the did in their 50's, then it looks like they need to be going out in a tuxedo.

    Now try applying the same thinking to women!

    Welcome to 'Progressivism' folks…aka clown world!

  4. Man, you want to teach people how they should dress… you'd better go to talk to the politicians who abuse people, the lawyers, the judges and their "dogs", who abuse people, the journalist making the same…
    get your fucking money on utube in a clever way, bro…

  5. You seem to think only younger people should draw attention to themselves. And when you get older and you're not attractive, dress as dull as you can and blend into the background. I strongly disagree. In my opinion people of any age can choose to attract attention. Style irony is amusing. Like young people wearing cardigans. You also contradict yourself. You say people should consider if when you put on a few pounds to be careful with clothes shapes. That's why men choose the kinder shaped trousers and untuck their shirts, that you advise against. You should try introducing a bit of colour into your wardrobe and lighten up, please.

  6. I am 46 and wear track pants and polo or jumpers everyday I am not at work…I always wear scrubs for work…I look fantastic because I really don’t care what others think…but thank you for your thoughts


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