How to resolve power struggle in marriage – How to move forward

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A power struggle can be catastrophic within a marital relationship. It can stagnate it’s growth and make everything head south.

Certainly enough, you’ve experienced power struggles at some point in your marriage. It might have led to anger cycles and maybe both of you misperceiving each other.

If you are confused about how to resolve the power struggle in marriage, here are some tips.

1. Be aware that your explanation sets the stage

If you are in a long-term martial relationship, then you should best know that power struggles are caused by how your view each other’s differences. To unlock the unpleasant power struggle, consider adopting a different perspective that will come with new different options.

2. View the development of your relationship as a third focus

In a power struggle, you’ll identify that one of the partner will stick to his/her opinion and will strive to construct explanations that lean on one or two aspects and he/she will constantly rub this very explanation again and again to her lover. If you belong in this trap, then you should try to add new angles to your lens of perspective as this will help in resolving the power struggle.

3. Enhance team spirit in your marriage

Your spouse is more than a lover. He/she can play the role of being your loyal teammate perfectly. Therefore, even if you feel undervalued or offended during a power struggle with your spouse, you do not have to overcompensate by acting superior; instead, just try to be courteous, tactful, and nice.

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