How to: Sew a Jacket! | Men's Fashion | Happily Dressed 1

How to: Sew a Jacket! | Men's Fashion | Happily Dressed

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This week I’m taking you through the process of how I made a jacket for the first time! The only reason I say “sorta” is because I don’t show the pattern drafting portion.

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There are 48 comments

  1. My problem with most people showing us how to sew a jacket is that they show up cutting pieces already and i have to wonder how did they get to that stage? If you could take us with you right from the beginning before cutting,step by step it would be great.

  2. Omg I don’t understand how u only have 8000 subs and u actually care and post videos and someone like gearedtogear has over 100 thousand subs and only decided to be a YouTuber a year ago for a hot minute… I hope it’s not a race thing tbh

  3. Found this video a couple of months ago and since then I've made three jackets using a pattern I found at the thrift shop. When I started I had very little sewing experience so I only understood like half of your video lol but now I can follow it quite well 🙂 lining is still a pain in the ass tho I'm still sewing the wrong sides together haha

  4. You did such a good job. I'm stripping my all-beige, floral-embossed, corduroy couch to make a drop-shoulder (kind of oversized, but cropped) jacket. This video was fantastic and inspired me. Wish me luck!

  5. hi im just getting started with sewing do u rekon i should get a serger at the beginning ? i want to be making pants and jeans, but eventually i want to learn how to make jackets and fleeces etc. would be cool if you made a cool fleece for a video (like the carharttt ones)

  6. Sorry, I didn't undertand. Where can we get the patterns ? Or there isn't ? Or something like that ? I didn't undertand, sorry😅
    But I love so much what you do, it's beautiful

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