If You Enjoy Eating Omena, You Need To Know This.

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Have you ever asked yourself what Omena is called in English? Or rather, do you know that Omena has an English name that almost 50 percent of Kenyans are not aware of? Especially those from the side of the lake where Omena is a perfect accompaniment to Ugali.

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After thorough research through surveys and oral inquiries, we have recently discovered the English name of the small fish commonly known as Omena. As per the Google analysis and findings, Omena is known as the Silver Cyprinid in English.

Eating omen has a lot of health benefits to our bodies. Fish generally is usually one of the leading nutritious foods. It has the best types of proteins that are really important to the human body. It has Omega 3-fatty acids that are healthy for the heart and the brain. Furthermore, pregnant mothers are recommended to eat Omena regularly if they want to have healthy infants with solid bones.

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If you still want to have smart children, it is advisable to feed them with fish when they are young and claim up to five years. In addition to the above, Omena is rich in calcium, protein, vitamin D, Iron and Zinc. Moreover, eating Omena has been to linked to a 20% lower risk of asthma in children but no significant effect in older people.

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Google Search is a good way to explain the meaning of Omena and where they have come from. The tiny fish is rich in proteins and are commonly found in Tanzania’s Lake Tanganyika and a few parts of Lake Victoria in East Africa.


Omena is best served with Ugali or rice but as suggested by the study, the dinner with your partner can also be served with tea and some other drinks. However, the cooking of omena for ugali is not the same as for tea.

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