Peter Pan 3- What To Do About It

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If It Is You

It’s not easy to be a healthy, tax-paying member of society. Adulthood brings a lot of complex things to think about: relationship and parenting problems, student loan payments, unemployment, and more. It’s pretty natural to wish you could return to your teenage years when biology examinations and watching your little sister were your primary responsibilities.

If you know that you tend to avoid crucial aspects of adulthood, such as finding consistent work or taking care of errands and activities, it is important to understand why. While it is definitely possible to make improvements on your own, failing to recognize the variables that play into these habits will set you up to fall right back into that.

The Peter Pan Syndrome 1- The What And How



If It Is Someone Close To You

Tread carefully if you believe someone close to you has Peter Pan syndrome. Jumping in and informing them what you learned in the previous posts would possibly make them retreat even further away from maturity and from you. Also, note that it’s not your fault that someone has Peter Pan syndrome, and attempting to move them out of it is not your responsibility.

What you should do is demonstrate to them, calmly and rationally, how it affects you and others. Encourage them to start thinking about how the individuals around them are influenced by their actions. Generally, people with Peter Pan syndrome aren’t uncaring, they’re just overwhelmed by their own emotions and problems.

Peter Pan Syndrome 2- The Why

What to Do

If they may start realizing that things need to improve, try to point them to therapy. Although you may want to help them, helping the ones you’re closest to is typically very tricky. A qualified specialist is impartial and far more likely to be capable of influencing them. The purpose of therapy should be to help the individual come to terms with their lost childhood and to acknowledge that by refusing adulthood, they cannot regain it.

They can also be encouraged to put practical measures in order to improve their lives. That may involve items as simple as always turning up on time at work, or always stacking the dishwasher after a meal. When they are enacted regularly and frequently enough, minor improvements may become major ones.

Do you have a ‘Nice Guy Syndrome’?


And if someone you love has Peter Pan syndrome, but you can’t adjust, or don’t want to? Be ready to walk away. Know that they will fail to maintain a healthy relationship with you until they cope with the syndrome. This isn’t your fault, and this isn’t anything for which you should take responsibility.

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