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Reasons why you should always take Cold Shower

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The last thing you would probably want to do after waking up in the morning is taking a cold shower.

It’s nobody’s ideal way to start the day. However, if you are looking to improve your overall health and appearance you should consider taking cold as a daily routine. Cold showers have proven to have amazing effects on a man’s wellbeing.

If you are trying to deal with low testosterone in men or a sportsman tired from the day’s training then a cold shower could be the solution. The idea behind cold showers is not as modern as one would think.

In ancient history, the Greeks used to take cold water baths for medical benefits. Moreover, a German farmer in the early 19th century known as Vincenz Priessnitz coined the term “Hydrotherapy” which highlights the use of cold showers for medical benefits.

Priessnitz believed that cold water can treat skin diseases, broken bones, and many other diseases. Even those claims by Priessnitz are yet to be proved scientifically, scientists have come with newer benefits of cold showers.

So in this article am going to capture 5 benefits of taking cold showers.

Surprising Benefits of Cold Showers                            

  1. Likened with increased Testosterone Levels 

The secret to healthy testosterone production is to maintain your reproductive organs at the ideal temperature. Normally, testicles have a temperature slightly lower than the average body temperature and that’s why they hang outside the body.

For those who don’t understand, Testosterone is a reproduction hormone that plays vital role in the functioning of a man’s body. It is believed to control sex drive (libido), the creation of sperm and red blood cells, muscle mass, fat concentration, and bone mass.

Various studies have proved that subjecting your testes to more heating reduces serum volume of semen, lessens testosterone production, and also impacts sperm count. Hence less hormone production results in less sexual function.

Therefore one of the easier ways to boost your testosterone production and keep your favorite body part at optimum temperature is to make cold showers a routine. Besides raised testosterone levels not only boost a man’s sexual desire but also his overall energy levels and strength.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation 

Shocking your body with cold water will make your heart pump blood faster around your body. Doing this regularly can make our circulatory system more efficient since it improves blood circulation to our organs and most importantly our favorite body organ.

Besides cold showers not only increases circulation but also promote the delivery of immune system cells where needed and the elimination of pathogens.

  1. Speeds up Muscle Recovery 

This might sound crazy but it’s actually a fact. Studies have shown that cold water immersion can help enhance muscle recovery and reduce the feeling of fatigue. That why many athletes take cold showers rather than hot ones after an intense workout. Cold showers help relieve sore muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce the amount of time it takes for muscle tissues to recover.

  1. Relieves stress and boost mood 

Taking a cold shower sends an electrical impulse from the nerve ending to the brain which could possibly energize the body by de-stressing it, hence acting as an anti-depressive effect.

Moreover, the mild electroshock you experience when you take a cold shower kick starts a process that boosts your energy levels hence improving your mood.

  1. Cold Showers Improve Immunity 

Scientists have found that people who regularly take cold showers have more white blood cells than those who take hot showers. This is because cold showers stimulate your immune system by speeding up your metabolism hence creating more white blood cells.

Having more white blood cells helps you fight off diseases by boosting the strength of your immune system. Furthermore, the shock of cold water in the bloodstream stimulates the production of leukocytes which helps fight infection in the body. Therefore taking cold showers increases your resistance to common illness like flu and colds.

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