Signs You Need Space in Your Relationship And Why its a Good Thing

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If you are the kind who feels confused about the importance of space in a relationship, no need to ruffle your head in distress, this article will suit you right.

The initial stages of a relationship feel new and full of love; You can’t shove the thoughts of your significant other from your brain, you subconsciously find yourself smiling because of your recent date and your bond feels just perfect. 

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The honeymoon stage of a relationship has the partners spending unceasing time together, just because the element of joy, at this stage, strongly bond them together. But long-term relationships don’t work this way.

A serious relationship demands commitments from both parties, who have the urge to wholeheartedly fight for their love and appreciate their flaws.

Don’t enter a relationship with the full force of spending every minute of your day together. Put aside some hours by yourself so that you can recharge. This alone time will also polish your heart with new romantic gestures.

A “me time” in a relationship is important, it helps a partner nourish and polish his/her own life without necessarily trying to be a loving force in his/her partner’s life.

Too much togetherness is equally risky even for the strongest relationships. It negatively affects your brain by feeling anxious thoughts. 

Here are important screaming signs that you need space in your relationship.

1. You’re constantly arguing over little things

Relationship experts will talk about the constant argument as a clear sign that you need space in your relationship. This is loudly true especially if you both argue over Petty things. If it happens that all of a sudden you get angry by the way your partner chews food or sleep then there’s a “togetherness” rot building in your relationship. The truth is, you are annoyed by their presence because a lack of space in your relationship seems to be choking and suffocating you.

2. You don’t do anything without informing your partner first or seeking their approval

If you can’t go somewhere or do anything without them or without seeking their approval, then you shouldn’t overlook the fact that you need space in your relationship. 

The inability of you to handle a task on your own mirrors codependency. Codependency is a relationship that can be good to some point, however, it can turn the relationship into a controlling one whereby one partner will have the other dancing to their tune due to jealousy.

3. You no longer want your partner to accompany you anywhere

If you feel out of the joy line every time your partner talks about accompanying you to the store, or just anywhere else, then the signs are clear; You aren’t pleased by your partner’s presence anymore and that’s why you don’t wish to invite them anywhere. If you truly need your space, be bold enough to tell your partner how you feel as this will go a long way in mending together the lost space. Also, note that a toxic relationship starts with you thinking of the best ways to cleverly avoid going to some places with your partner.

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