Stivo SimpleBoy Gets Cosy with a Mzungu Sparking Crazy Reactions online!

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Stivo Simple Boy, a rapper, showed off his romantic side on Monday by posting a picture of himself warmly embracing an anonymous white lady. The woman is seen lying effortlessly on Stevo’s chest in a photo posted on the musician’s Instagram profile, implying a rumpy-pumpy moment.

The rapper, who seemed to be having a good time, captioned the photo with his signature ‘Ndio manake,’ followed by a love emoji.


It’s unclear if Stevo has actually found love or whether the picture is from a scene in his upcoming film.
Nonetheless, his ecstatic followers took to the comment section to express their joy at the pic.

Ndio Maanake, rada safi,

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Jasmine: She’s adorable.

Vincent: I’m sorry. Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Please point us in the right direction master

Jahrso: Stivo huyu ndio amechukuwa ile kitu mvumilivu walai hula mbivu

Mike Clatch: Please show us the way, master.

The Kibera-born star has kept his romantic life a closely guarded secret for a long time, despite previously declaring himself a virgin and uninterested in seeking love.
In an earlier interview, the ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker said that he would have to wait until marriage to feel a woman’s warmth.

“I don’t participate in that contest. “I’ll wait until I have a ring on my finger,” Stivo said.

Stivo, on the other hand, announced that many women had approached him and asked for his hand in marriage.
Women tell me, ‘Ah Simple Boy, I have feelings for you and want to marry you.’

Is it true that women spend more in a relationship than men?

There are a lot of them, but you just have to tell them to wait before God agrees, and then I’ll choose one to marry,” he revealed.

The modest artist rose to prominence in 2016 after a social media user posted a meme mocking his appearance. Following that, several memes resembling cyberbullying emerged, which Stevo claims never enters his mind. He described several experiences he had on and off the internet that led to his famous song ‘Inauma lakini inabidi uzoee.’

“It wasn’t the first time I’d been called names because of my appearance. It was harder when I was growing up,” he previously said in an interview.

God made me this way. “What do they want me to do?” Stevo posed for the camera.

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