The Wendy Syndrome 1

The Wendy Syndrome

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Peter is a young kid who refuses to get older. He doesn’t want to have the duties of an adult, and without ever needing to reach the world of stability and maturity, he wants a life of adventure. Therefore, Peter Pan portrays childish men. Not only are they unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives, but for the lives of others as well. And what of Wendy Darling, though? She is the young girl who takes responsibility for cleaning the house from day one, takes care of the “lost boys” and even sews the shadow of Peter back in place so that he doesn’t For anyone, she gives everything because that is what makes her happy.

The Peter Pan Syndrome 1- The What And How

Characteristics of Wendy’s syndrome patients:

  • They put other people’s interests before their own

The Wendy Syndrome 2

They feel the need to offer services, to care for others. They believe they are making other people happy in this way. Have to worry about losing it again. These persons will place the needs of others above their own, and then, slowly, they will begin to abandon their own interests and even the things that matter to them.

  • Doing stuff for people helps them feel better

For these people, a way of giving love is to give care. They’re doing it openly and because they want to. No one makes others take care of them. They also, however, “become attached” to a Peter Pan Syndrome partner. These are immature men who allow people to take care of them, who do not want to be accountable, and who are satisfied with allowing a wife, including their children, to take responsibility for all.

People with Wendy Syndrome are afraid of two things: that other people will stop needing them, and they will be left all alone.  They are frightened by the thought of not having someone to take care of them, because this is the way they feel helpful and display their affection. This allows them to see themselves as valuable and necessary at the same time.

Peter Pan Syndrome 2- The Why

Changing things

The Wendy Syndrome 3

There is one crucial element to keep in mind. It is likely that it would make you happy to care for and assist others. The time will come, however, when you know that someone may be manipulating you. You will begin to feel at some point as though you are offering too much with little in return.

If you feel miserable and undervalued, the day will come and this is when the issue arises. You have to be careful not to turn this into a potential depression. Can we stop caring for others perhaps? Or thinking about the ones we love? Not at least at all. Don’t ever do it.

These individuals form an enormous part of our lives, our partners, friends, and particularly our children. They are part of our identity and, in our daily lives, are undisputed pillars.

It’s important, however, to have a sense of balance in all our personal relationships, and to keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Personal Growth
  • positive energy
  • you deserve to feel loved

Peter Pan 3- What To Do About It

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