Things That Men Think Women Want

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Each woman is different, but the brand of your car or the size of your penis doesn’t matter to most of them. They want a guy who handles them correctly. Most women you’ll meet may not care less about this ‘famous’ stuff. Today, as gender psychology and intersex relationship training sessions are at their height of success, it seems like we should begin to understand each other much better than before.

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A gym hog

I talked to a guy recently who was told that all women are super into biceps and clear abs. But that’s what he was at the gym working on, to the detriment of his lower body. I have no idea how his upper body was held by his legs. I’m not real picky about bodies, but I’m drawn to someone who makes an effort for himself. Just not that way, dear Lord!

A guy who ‘protects’ her

We don’t want you to act violent, competitive dickbags, or to act unnecessarily jealous with other men, just because some guy is looking at us. Really, it’s a bit frightening.

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A man who only does ‘manly’ things

I want you to have the ability to look after our place, too. I don’t want everything to be done by you, I want your share to be done by you. I’ve seen so many relationships end because, although she already has a career, everyday life tasks were left exclusively to the women. You will think that you can get away with it forever, but your relationship will be destroyed.

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Super intelligent

If the guys who have been pursuing me and the guys I’ve been dating are any indicator, they think I want to make them smarter than I am. Hey, nope. I want someone with whom I can talk. I wouldn’t like to feel inferior. If we can have a chat and teach new things to each other, that is what I’m seeking. In order to condescend to me, I don’t want you to fake intelligence. Be engaging and interesting.

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A man who has a big penis

I can’t speak for every woman, really, but I know a lot of them agree. Having a large cock. Most women prefer when you’re average, maybe a little below average. They can do so much more with it and not worry about hitting her cervix (ouch). But we’re all different you know. Even, if you’re a ‘ladies guy,’ it’s such a turn off to be pursued by loads of women or do the chasing. I like someone who can be able to be alone and happy without attention from women.

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