Things Your Father Should Have Taught YOU | Grown Damn Man Training 💯

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best grooming tips for men


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  1. Man the washing your body had me rolling I be telling dudes get them swipes in the crack of your ass and have the water hit it or you not washing right.

  2. I am25 and never met my father and learned to shave, tie a tie and shine shoes etc myself, but this man is a God send. I can't believe this video is free, thank you so much! These tips are invaluable.

  3. Tip:
    Before shining shoes, learn how to buy a quality pair of shoes. Also, it ain’t just about doing these things to get a woman. Do these things to be admired and respected in your community, church or job and the women will definitely come!!!

  4. Thanks KS. I sent this video to my son. Also, I've realized as a female my mom didn't teach me how to care for my body. After 18 there's no excuses. I've been unfucking myself! A lot of my female family members just don't understand my facial and body regimen.

  5. 1:28:35 Infact, if you wait till you earn 6 figures, you wont do it even once you start earning that much.
    Something in you needs to change regardless of whats going on in your life.
    That thing was sparked in me by watching your stuff.
    I take care of myself by working out a lot, I study and I advance in my own path constantly. But cleaning and real skin care is something I've never done.
    Spent 3 hours tiding up my room, and another 2 watching this video and taking notes.
    Ordered a bunch of stuff you recommended, and I am heading out to buy skin care products cause I cba waiting 2 weeks for that delivery.
    Much appreciation Kevin.

  6. Man, I will tell you what. Every man should listen to this guy, I am 27 so relatively young, I married a really good woman, no regrets about that. But the regret I have was wasting 7 years once I got here in America jumping from one industry to another and just now beginning plumbing career thanks to Kevin advice . Long story short: if you are from ages 18-22 listen to this man and when you are my age you’ll be on the top of the world with a f***ing empire living life as you please.


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