Ways to Keep a Girl Interested in You

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Let’s face the fact that attraction fades over time. You might be smart, charming, and kind but keeping a girl’s interest on you cannot be sustained by these attributes alone.

So, how do you keep a girl enamored by you? Here are 5 fool-proof ways to keep her interested in you:

1. Be creative. All the time.

Girls cherish magic. They always love something fresh and new. Catch your lady in a string of emotions and surprise her with gifts that she likes. You may want to come up with sweet surprises
every now and then, perhaps during special occasions or in between them.

2. Be in control of the relationship.

Don’t let your girl ever think that she’s the one taking charge in your relationship. Be the one to steer the direction of your relationship and let your actions remind her that you are not in her life to play but you are her life partner.

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