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What Men Want Outside the Bedroom 

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While society dictates that men are supposed to be tough,” many men are completely terrified by the possibility of something as simple as asking for what they want. You may have solved the puzzled of what your man wants in bed but you also need to know what he wants outside the bedroom in order to have a healthy relationship. Whether or not your partner is really talking about it there is some stuff outside the bedroom that he’s probably aching for you to do.

Bedroom Tricks That Turn on Men


Being the Little Spoon

Being the Little Spoon

The vastly superior spoon is the little spoon. Your arm is not crushed, and you don’t have to think about putting it over your head or behind you awkwardly. They like to feel bundled up and snuggled too so feel free to take their backs anytime you like after the deed is done.


There is plenty of unspoken communication that goes directly over their heads. They do not mind readers. So tell them what you want, because they truly want you to be pleased! Men just don’t know how until you tell them. Even better show them! Men adore demonstrations.

Signs He Wants To Marry You Someday

Be You, Be Real

Can you not fake it, please? It gives men false material to work with (“She came last time like this so I’m going to do the same thing again!”) Plus, they want you to enjoy the experience too-if you haven’t crossed the finish line completely, let them know and they’ll try again (in a few minutes). Often it’s just plain patronizing and a little arrogant. They can handle the facts!


No matter what you look like, a woman who knows precisely what she wants is undeniably sexy. Extra, if you don’t even know, how are they supposed to know what you want? There are few things that are sexier than a woman with a mission on her mind, takes off her clothes and, admittedly, makes things much simpler for them.


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