“You Should Die Like A Real Man” Part 2

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“…God be with you till we meet again…” Well, that’s the lyric I clenched as they sang the hymns of the Golden Bells.”… This is the continuation of our first episode of ‘dying like a real man.

Let’s get started…

“You Should Die Like A Real Man”

When I last wrote, it was hard believing that he was no more, but after I saw his lifeless body at the Viewing Bay at the mortuary, I believed he was truly gone. Yes, his body was found hanging, and I saw the marks on his neck.

His face seemed so bitter, bitter about life, bitter about those he’d left behind. As much he was dead, he seemed like one who was conveying a message.






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Is this what those who told him to be a ‘real man’ envision? What was it that the real man could not share? The last time I checked, a problem shared is half solved, well, if shared with the right people.

Was it heavy drinking? Was it being broken? Even our country is skint broke. Was it his health, family, his love, or him using drugs? What was it that he couldn’t share?

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I thought I was there for him but then, here I am, eyes were swollen, beards soaked with tears, very much bitter wishing I could help out a brother. Now he’s no more.

We are almost done with the service, and we’ll lower this brother of ours to the grave and as much as I’m sad, I’m also very bitter.

I’m bitter because we are not telling the truth, bitter because we are running from the truth, bitter because we are just staring at memes as if everything is okay, bitter because of the pressure mounting on the young men, bitter because some are almost losing it and they have no one to confide in.

The importance of independence as a Kenyan Man

Well, maybe it’ll hit most of you people once you get into this state I’ve gotten to, but I wish you won’t. A very sad state. Well, I’m very bitter because as much as we all know he took his life, there’s a big problem and no one seems to be trying to look for a solution.

Africa produces the Richest Man in the world | Elon Musk

Well, the mass is almost over and it’s time for, ‘ From the earth, we came, and to the earth, we shall return’. I don’t know whether he’ll Rest in Peace, but let him just Rest.

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